"My Craig Lewis saddle is the best saddle I have ever owned and I have owned quite a few different saddles. It fits every horse I have put it on, from young colts to finished, mature horses. Well worth the money and time waiting for it. Will order another."

Chris Davis | Circle B Ranch | Montana

"I own two of Craig’s saddles and use them every day. I’ve used them cowboying, picking up broncs and in the show pen. They are extremely comfortable for you and your horse. You can tell they’re made by a cowboy who has been there. I would recommend a Craig Lewis saddle to anyone."

Brent Morrison | Circle B Ranch Mgr. | Big Horn, Montana

"I like my Craig Lewis saddle because of the craftsmanship and the feel it gives me on my working horses."

Chris Cox | Four Time Undefeated | Road to the Horse Champion

"On just about any of these ranches you go to you will find a cowboy riding a Craig Lewis saddle and there is a good reason for that. Craig makes a saddle that will last but more importantly is that he builds them to fit a man and his horse. Craig has made a lot of tracks himself and as a saddle maker I think it would have to make you better. It gives him the understanding for what cowboys want and what will last."

Johnny Ferguson

"I have worn out two Craig Lewis saddles in the last twenty years. They are very good saddles, they have good leather in them, they are built strong, good looking and with a good tree. They look like a cowboy saddle and I would recommend a Craig Lewis saddle to anyone. They are made for cowboys who ride and rope a lot."

Tom Moorhouse TONGUE RIVER RANCH | Manager

"I have been cowboying full time for 25 years and can say that the best saddles I have ever used over the years; day in and day out have been the two Craig Lewis saddles I have now! I have had as many as seven other saddles that I ended up trading. Craig made the best custom saddle for me in 2010, I also have one that was built in 2002 and I use both of them everyday. One thin blanket and it fits every horse, from young colts to old ranch horses. Craig is a great hand, (left hand at that); I am very greatful that he is using his natural talent to build the kind of saddles everyday cowboys need, thank you!"

Bary Clower

Other Proud Saddle Owners

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